Beneficiaries of the Program:

“SHELTER FOR ROHINGYA REFUGEES IN BANGLADESH” funded by HHRD – USA covered homeless, unprivileged and oppressed Rohingya Refugees who are prosecuted in Myanmar by security forces. They are completely dependent on relief aid and support fleeing to neighboring Bangladesh to escape the violence erupted in August 2017.

Operational Strategies

For smooth operation of “SHELTER FOR ROHINGYA REFUGEES IN BANGLADESH” the following steps and strategies have been followed:

  1. Formation of Programme Implementation Committee (PIC).
  2. Organize orientation training and meeting with project implementation committee, staffs and local volunteer and develop strategy.
  3. Conduct Survey at Rohingya camps in Cox’s Bazar for selection of the place where people are living in vulnerable shelter
  4. Conduct field survey to select the target beneficiaries for reconstruction shelters.
  5. Preparing program operational plan & budget and getting approval by the PIC and Secretary General and CEO.
  6. Purchase materials for building shelters as per given specifications, following procurement policy of AMAN
  7. Deploy labours for construction of Shelters
  8. Field level activities Supervision and Monitoring to ensure proper utilization of fund.
  9. Appointment of professional camera man and videographer
  10. Collection of reports photographs etc from field and prepare reports in different formats.

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