After completion of the project, this will be maintained by the local committee members and the concerned govt officials. A maintenance team headed by AMAN staffs are also be responsible for its proper functioning after installation of the tube well. This project entitled “Water Well for Safe Water in Bangladesh” was implemented among the deserving and vulnerable people to lessen their burden and to build a happy community by installing tube-wells. As the target beneficiaries are poor, it helped the Communities in disaster and crisis affected areas accessing safe and clean water, wellbeing and longer-term recovery through installing tube-wells. This project economically sustained due to not getting sick by water bone diseases and thus these tube-wells saved them their economic loss. Overall, this project will be in a sustainable impact among the targeted beneficiaries and will give the raise of hopes and dreams for better lives since smiling faces of thousand people create a happy community as well as social tie will be strengthening. 

Above all, AMAN believes engaging and empowering communities and increasing their participation, especially that of women, children and adolescents, can increase sustainability of services for safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

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