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About Zinat

Zinat,” which translates to “beautiful,” is an lifestyle Brand, initiative by AMAN to provide underprivileged women with a secure platform where they can make significant contributions not only to their careers but also to the socioeconomic condition of the country.

“Zinat” is dedicated for those women who are confronted social neglect because of their gender and socioeconomic status. For this reason, “Zinat” is devoted to ensure a safe and secured work place along with a commitment to ensure sufficient earnings for underprivileged women who are connected with us. At “Zinat,” we are dismantling all gender-based norms and regulations that prevent our women from succeeding in conventional workplaces in the country. While it is prohibited for women to bring young children to work in the country’s traditional garments, we consider it a privilege to welcome them and keep them entertained while their mothers are at work. Such initiatives to make the workplace friendlier are frequently being brought up by our management. Zinat reaches out to these women and provides them with the necessary training to become accomplished artisans. Due to the presence of specialized teams at “Zinat,” the design to production of the latest fashion apparels are accelerated to meet market demand. As we are working to upskill and empower our women, the majority of the project’s profits are distributed to the women who comprise the majority of the project’s workforce. Here at “Zinat,” we are confident that we can make real strides toward eradicating gender-based violence in our society and integrating women into the workforce where they can advance their careers and significantly impact the economy.