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Azizullah Hoque

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah My name is Huzur Azizul Haque, and my father’s name is Nurul Islam. I live in Camp 8W, Block F29. In 2017 we came to Bangladesh after suffering a lot from Myanmar. When I came to Bangladesh, I was living here with a lot of difficulties. There was no roof above, and no fence around the house. We were living somehow wrapped in black polythene, when it rained, water would enter the house, when there was wind, everything would break. We were living life in great difficulties. Ever since I came to Bangladesh, I suffered from various problems, there were no roads, and there was no good house. Then an NGO called Helping Hand gifted us a house and provided us with all the necessary items for the house.

After building the house, they floored it with cement and sand. We are pleased with much honor and we are living in peace. Even after fixing our house, they provided solar batteries, fans, solar panels, lights and all the necessary items have been given to us beautifully. After that they also installed solar, battery, fan lights etc. They help us to put everything in places and leave us at ease with great care.

We pray every moment, every hour for Helping Hand. We don’t have to stay in the dark anymore. We were coming from Myanmar with turmoil, that turmoil is gone now. We can now worship Allah with great peace. We pray a lot to Allah for the donor of Helping Hand. They made us happy than before. We are very happy and satisfied. From our side, many thanks to the donor of HHRD, Jazakallah.

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