Association for Mass Advancement Network (AMAN) is a non-profit development organization established in 1995 by a group of philanthropists led by Dr. Mohammad Abu Yousuf and aligned with other philanthropists. AMAN aims for socio-economic development and human rights establishment of poor, destitute, hardcore poor, and resource-poor segments irrespective of race, creed, caste, gender, religion, ethnicity, and nationality. AMAN wants to create a fair and just society where people will get their dignity, rights, freedom, and well-being for their whole life. All efforts and dedication of AMAN and its family has been arraying through the implementation of Health, Education, Safe Water, and Sanitation, Rehabilitation, Humanitarian Response, and Support, Disaster Management, Women Empowerment, Human Care, Climate Change, and Adaptation and need-based programs aligned with AMAN’s goal and objectives. AMAN has been implementing its development interventions in collaboration with the government, NGOs, INGOs, LGs, CSOs, CSR funds, Community Stakeholders, and beneficiaries towards achieving the SDGs targeted indicators through implementation, knowledge sharing, advocacy, research, networking, partnership, and capacity building initiatives.

Senior Management Team