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Naturally Bangladesh is susceptible to disaster. Flood, tidal surge, cyclone, water logging etc. are the main disaster risk of this region. The helplessness of the people of this region has been proved from recent SIDR, Aila, Mohsin, Amphan etc. rottenly every year. Any activity to prevent disaster is very important for the general people of our country. Activities to take preparations against disaster are rarely taken in this region. Considering the need of general people AMAN has taken massive activities to protect disaster in this region. AMAN has carried out different activities to create awareness about disaster and build capacity to protect disaster, providing need based supports among Rohingya. AMAN motivates people to consider the risk of disaster during construction of house and other infrastructures. AMAN is trying to bring the disaster and Rohingya supports issues in national consideration.


On 20 May 2020, devastating Cyclone Amphan slammed into the coastal districts of Bangladesh with wind speed of 150 kmph and drove its destruction among 26 districts across the country. According to different sources, the cyclone affected 10 million people from 19 coastal districts in Khulna and Barisal divisions of Bangladesh, of which nine were severely impacted. Due to the storm surge and embankment collapse, many houses were inundated and washed away along with household items; houses were either fully destroyed or partially damaged as uprooted trees fell on the houses. As a result, the dwellers become shelterless and roofless. The people including men, women & children of the area suffered an untold suffering. To minimize the sufferings and ensure the safe living place AMAN with the collaboration and contribution of donor organizations. The program ensured shelter and peaceful living place for the affected people.


On 25 August 2017, hundreds of thousands of terrorized Rohingya fled from Rakhine as they came under violent attack, and villages were razed by Military Junta. This triggered an unprecedented exodus across the border to neighboring Bangladesh. Within a few weeks, half a million people entered Bangladesh seeking safety and shelter. Now the number become staggering to more than 1.3 million. As the refugees left their everything back at home, they were in dire need of food, shelter, and health facilities in the new and alien territory, Bangladesh. In response to their severe humanitarian problems, AMAN intervened immediately with its contribution, cooperation, and supervision. With the objective of making secured and sustainable Shelter homes for Rohingya Refugees where they can protect themselves from natural disasters and feel secure, constructed hundreds of shelters for the refugees in different camps. Besides the shelters, AMAN also provided the beneficiaries solar panel (with battery, light & fan), household kits, and some other necessary support related to the shelters.

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