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AMAN works in various crisis moments like Cyclone in coastal areas, fire incidents in Rohingya Refugees Camps and flood-affected people in various districts in Bangladesh. AMAN Provides emergency food supply Shelter construction and other basic needs as part of humanitarian assistance to the helpless, Distressed and poor people who are affected by various disasters.

AMAN’s Pledge to Plant 100 Million Trees by 2030

In the face of escalating climate challenges, Bangladesh stands resilient, determined to confront the impacts of extreme weather events such as floods, cyclones, and droughts. At AMAN, we recognize the urgency of climate action and are unwavering in our commitment to address environmental concerns. As part of our ambitious initiative, we aim to plant 100 Million Trees by 2030.

The frequency of severe weather events in Bangladesh, including rapid climate changes, landslides, and deforestation, necessitates immediate action. With a growing population exacerbating environmental issues, there is an urgent need for sustainable solutions to counteract the impacts of climate change.

In response to these challenges, AMAN is launching a transformative Climate Action initiative centered around the ambitious goal of planting 100 Million Trees by 2030. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and underscores our dedication to creating a more sustainable and resilient future.

Tree planting is a multifaceted solution with far-reaching benefits. Our efforts seek to restore degraded lands, enhance biodiversity, and mitigate the effects of climate change. Beyond these environmental advantages, our tree planting initiative also contributes to carbon sequestration, protects wild habitats, creates natural resources, controls erosion, reduces flood risks, attracts pollinators, and promotes mental health and well-being.

Trees are protecting our planet. So, tree planting is our regular project. We have implemented the tree plantation project in Koira and Barguna recently.

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Association for Mass Advancement Network (AMAN) is a non-profit development organization established in 1995.

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AMAN is a non-profit development organization engaged in human welfare. Since its inception, the organization has been striving towards poverty alleviation & socio-economic and moral development..

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