Emergency Relief​

AMAN works in various crisis moments like Cyclone in coastal areas, fire incidents in Rohingya Refugees Camps and flood-affected people in various districts in Bangladesh. AMAN Provides emergency food supply Shelter construction and other basic needs as part of humanitarian assistance to the helpless, Distressed and poor people who are affected by various disasters.

Fire Response

15,745 Rohingya Refugee families are victims of fire incidents that occurred at different times, received emergency relief packs consisting of food, hygiene kits, Clothes, kitchen items, and other NFI supports that lessened their burden and anxiety to survive, and fulfilled their essential needs during the crisis period.

Flood Response

Cyclone affected 15,920 families in targeted coastal areas that received food including NFI components that lessened their anxiety and fulfilled their immediate needs for their survival. Moreover, it helped them to maintain their daily diet with nutritious food during the emergency situation.