Empowering Families in Need: A Testimonial from Ganbariya

Assalamu Alaikum,

My name is Halima, and I reside in Ganbariya Union, Bongaon, Savar, Dhaka. I am a mother of four, with two sons who are disabled and a husband who has been battling stroke for the past 13 years. Our family faces significant challenges, particularly with no source of income to sustain ourselves.

In addition to caring for my disabled sons and my husband, I also have two younger children, aged 6 and 12, who attend Madrasah. Our circumstances have left us in a vulnerable position, struggling to meet even our most basic needs.

However, amidst our hardships, we found a ray of hope through the support of One Ummah. Recently, we had the privilege of receiving a food pack from One Ummah, containing essential items such as rice, dal, flour, salt, sugar, oil, onion, ginger, and masala. These provisions have been a lifeline for our family, providing us with much-needed sustenance during our most challenging times.

As a family of disabled and impoverished individuals, the assistance from One Ummah has brought us immense joy and relief. We are deeply grateful 


for their generosity and compassionate outreach to families like ours. 

My heartfelt prayers go out to One Ummah, asking for Allah’s blessings upon their noble efforts. I sincerely hope that they will continue their mission of helping more disabled individuals and families in need.

Thank you, One Ummah, for extending a helping hand to those who need it most.