Mohammad Johir Uddin Noyon

Overcoming Financial Hurdles: A Medical Student's Journey

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am Mohammad Johir Uddin Noyon, currently a 3rd-year MBBS student at Chattogram Medical College. My journey to medical school has been one of perseverance and gratitude, marked by the invaluable support I received from the ECHO stipend program.

In the admissions year of 2020/21, despite earning a coveted place in the MBBS program, I found myself facing a daunting obstacle: the financial burden of admission fees. Coming from a modest background with my father working as a rickshaw puller, the costs seemed insurmountable. Determined not to let financial constraints derail my dreams, I sought assistance from local authorities, including the Subdivision Chairman and UNO Sir.

Fortunately, through the benevolent efforts of UNO Sir and the ECHO stipend program, I secured the necessary funds for my admission. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of my journey with the ECHO Stipend program, which continued to support me through subsequent academic years, including 2021, 2022, and 2023.

The stipend provided me with the means to purchase essential academic books, alleviating the financial strain on my family and allowing me to focus on my studies without worry. With my father already burdened by the


responsibility of providing for our family’s expenses and my education costs, the additional financial support from the stipend proved invaluable.

Looking towards the future, I remain deeply grateful to ECHO for their unwavering support and to AMAN for implementing such a life-changing stipend program. Their generosity has not only eased the financial burden on my family but has also fueled my determination to excel in my medical studies.

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